SPA Proxies

We are one of the best private residential proxies provider in the market.
We have the best and affordable products. We never miss a release since the establishment of our company.

What products do we provide?

Currently, we offer five products including SPA 1.0, 2.0, X, K and ISP. In these products, SPA 2.0, X and K are private pools and only available to SPA users. These three products kill every hyped release. Our ISP proxies also performs very well. We have ISPs from AT&T / CenturyLink / Cogent / Sprint. Feel free to dm @kaxx #0001 if you wanna order bulk ISP proxies. Yes, you can contact us if you wanna resell our proxies.

Products Guide:

SPA 1.0


SPA 1.0 is a public pool with fast speed, and it is cost-effective.
Recommended sitelist: Footsite Restock, Finish Line / JD Sports Restock, Nike, Shopify, Supreme, Yeezy Supply, Footlocker SG and all EU websites.
Cons: Its performance on Initial release for Footsite / Finish Line / JD Sports is sometimes unstable. Data maybe consumed faster than other products.


Even though SPA 1.0 is a public pool, we have our own entry server to enhance its performance. Correspondingly, users can mix United States Release and NA Random Release for better performance when running NA sites.

SPA 2.0


SPA 2.0 is our private pool with high quality and fast speed.
SPA 2.0 provides site-specific pool, country/region pool and release pool. This feature makes it very powerful for any websites. Regardless of initial release or restock, SPA 2.0 has excellent speed and very low banned rates compared to all providers on the market.
We recommend all users to choose SPA 2.0 to ensure a high success rate.


The priority of all user cases is as follows:

Pool List:



SPA X is our private pool with high quality and purity for sneaker sites. SPA X provides four pools: United States, Footsite US - 1, Footsite US - 2 and EU Random. The first three pools are used for North American sites, and the last one is for EU sites. SPA X is really fresh to sneaker sites and its data consumption is extremely slow. We recommend you use SPA X for websites which require high IP reputation score.


You can only use 1000 / 2000 proxies at the same time (corresponding to Plan 10GB / 20GB). The reason for doing this is to avoid people running too many tasks such that our servers can't handle the excessive load.
You may have concerns about using only 1000/2000 proxies, what if they are all banned? Your concerns are unnecessary. Our proxies will rotate every three minutes, which means they switch to different IP every three minutes.
Another advantage of doing so is that we can allocate unique IP to each user. This will ensure the fairness for our users.



SPA K is our private mobile pool with high quality and purity for sneaker sites. It has very high IP reputation score because of mobile IP.
Every IP of SPA K is bound to a sim card which makes it relatively expensive. As our most expensive product, it has exceedingly high quality.
We will supply in super limited quantity to ensure the best performance for SPA K.


Same as SPA X. Please read above.


You need to bind an IP to use SPA K. Please rebind the IP and regenerate the proxies after purchasing a new package.

Last but not least:

Feel free to ask any questions or concerns you have in our discord server.
We will never oversell our products. Once the number of users reaches the upper limit, we will immediately stop selling.
Thank you for your trust and support to SPA. We will provide you with best products in return. You can always trust SPA, we are the only proxy provider you need. You will never miss a release if your have four of our products.
Finally, we wish you good health, all the best in 2021!